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On Portland Metro’s west side, economic opportunities abound. Reed’s Crossing puts you in the heart of the Silicon Forest, with leaders in technology and growing industries right at your doorstep.
Reed’s Crossing seamlessly integrates the natural and built environments for the people who call it home. The community’s walking-friendly design brings people out of their homes, and a full calendar of events will bring them together. Neighbors quickly become friends, and friends become close friends just as fast.
The proposed mixed-use town center, the wide array of home designs built with environmental sustainability in mind, the future schools, and a robust and diverse network of trails and pathways make Reed’s Crossing a fully integrated, sustainable lifestyle community for generations to come.



The Greenway threads 23 acres of carefully landscaped open space and a multimodal trail system allowing residents to get around the community while supplying plenty of stopping points along the way, including a planned STEAM learning experience. With nearly five acres of wetlands, it creates habitat for native species, while offering a number of parks, plazas, and other places to gather, play, and learn.

Healthy Living

Mind, body, and soul—Reed’s Crossing is designed to energize and reward all three. The location and the layout of the community are designed to put the best of life in easy reach, so you spend less time and effort getting what you need. What’s more, it’s connected to parks, natural spaces, and recreation opportunities that can help you make healthy habits that are fun and easy to keep.

Protecting the Ecosystem

The 23-acre Greenway offers more than open space. It helps protect against flood and erosion, and maintains the local watershed by filtering and cleaning runoff. There is a series of water-quality ponds, hand-planted with more than 200,000 wetland grass plugs, to enhance water quality and promote biodiversity. You'll also find a pollinator garden that attracts butterflies, bees, and birds that the local ecosystem depends on.


The Discovery Zone has several play stations that welcome kids and adults to explore nature topics while having fun. Kids can crawl over the log scramble, hop on the stone steppers, splash in the water area, and more. The outdoor classroom is a mini amphitheater that creates a venue for both students and residents to come together. There's even a pavilion and several picnic benches for spontaneous gatherings. 

Reed's Crossing Facts

463 Total Acres
of homes, parks and, amenities
12 Miles
from downtown Portland
36.6 Acre
mixed-use town center
23 Acre
greenway corridor

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Reed’s Crossing puts you in the heart of Portland’s Silicon Forest.
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Community Highlights

A home style for every lifestyle.

At Reed’s Crossing, a thoughtful, eclectic mix of home and architectural styles creates changing, harmonious streetscapes and choices that reward your sense of individuality.

Solar panels on home roof
Raising the bar for new homes.

Sustainable development is key to our vision. Read more about our commitment to sustainability.